Null Point is sustainability focused workers collective. Officially founded at the height of the 2020 corona pandemic, the concept had already been under development to address climate change and the impending ecological collapse humanity is heading towards. We currently sell our labor and produce items in the domains of:

  • Sustainable Logistics
  • Sustainable Food Production
  • Zero-Waste / Unpackaged Systems

We are open to expanding to other forms of labor and production. Null Point grows depending on who is involved and what skills and passions they have.

Core Values for our present state of our collective shares the following values:

  • Collective Ownership
  • Workers Rights
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Animal Rights
  • Radical Sustainability
  • Free / Open Source Technology

Why an UG? At present, Null Point exists legally as a German UG (haftungsbeschränkt) which is a capital based business struture. This was the easiest legal structure for us to establish when we started. However, we plan to migrate to a social business or cooperative structure at some point as we want legal structure to reflect our values. We are privately funded with non-explotive capital.

Our Promises! These days many companies big and small espouse values like “sustainable” and “ethical” especially as eco-logical collapse looms closer and workers organize protests. Many hi-tech sustainability “solutions” are unproven and predicated on capitalist based profit models to succeed.

  • We will never take venture capital funding
  • We will never extract profits from our workers
  • We will never have shareholders who are not workers themselves
  • We will never seek profit as a goal
  • We will always choose simple and proven sustainabile solutions